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Dallas Stradivari Violin making school

Violin Making and Research

Thomas Chun-yu Chen is a decorated violin-maker and stringed instrument designer, Chen has received First Prize in String Quartet making and Tone Prizes in Violin and Viola makings from the VMAAI International Violin-making Competition. Maestro Chen, who has led research on violin making methodology for decades, is known for his development of a unique "crystallized" violin varnishing methodology that achieves extraordinary clarity, and tone. Maestro Chen served as a competition judge for the "Eureka Springs Violin Makers Conference" held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and the "Dallas International Antonio Stradivari Violin Makers Conference" held in Dallas, Texas which featured over 200 string instrument exhibitions.
Maestro Chen has been conducting series of Stradivari and renowned rare instruments performance, he often gives presentations and lectures of Stradivarius violins and other rare Italian violins researches.
As renowned violinist, educator and orchestra conductor; Chen has extraordinary concepts and realization of string instruments sounding and playing as individual instrument performance, strings instruments sounding and playing as chamber music, strings instrument sounding and playing as orchestra.  Chen has extraordinary method of doing instruments restorations, repaires, sounding tunning, instruments construction, adjusting, and varnishing. 
Chen's organization has collaborated with many rare instruments collectors, world class performers who own rare instruments, and Taiwan Chi-mei museum which is the world renowned museum has over 300 Stradivarius instruments in it's exhibition.

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Violin making courses
Violin making courses
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