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2018 CICA / PIYO Summer Music Festival

PIYO summer music festival -- Chamber music

The PIYO 2018 summer festival includes the following groups of activities and courses: Orchestra, Chamber music, master classes, music appreciation, lecture recitals, string quartet, concerts, concerto competition and string quartet competition. 
Dates: July 16 2018 -- August 4 2018
Faculty includes:
Thomas Chun-yu Chen -- director
Lino Megni -- violin 
Daniela Sangalli -- violin 
Marta Pizio -- viola
Fausto Solci -- Cello

Chamber Orchestra 室內樂团課程

The chamber orchestra program includes daily rehearsals in the morning and afternoon.  The students will be divided into different groups according to their playing levels.  C group, AB group, and AD (advanced developing) group.
​室內樂團的訓練課程將依照學生的演奏程度來安排分組和設計學習進程。 課程類別分為:C 組著重在拉奏細節,音質、音量和音色表情的方法,節奏和視譜與大腦運作發展的結合訓練法,巴洛克和古典風格的靈性啟發和陶冶。AB组著重於不同樂曲的風格,高程度的樂曲學習,更加細膩和強烈表情豐富對比的演奏內容訓練。 AD組著重於與大師同台練習和演出的高度專業經驗訓練。
The way of training focuses on high quality developments and very much interests and fun.   Although as beginner's level as C group, we provide very well design of fundamental technique training and musical inspirations.   

我們專注於給予學生們細心和非常好品質的時光與感受。 真切體會和享受音樂藝術的協合性與対應互動性的啟發。 發展出孩子們的趣味心、対成長能力而感受到喜悅。 
Students could be very motivated by our instructions, and they could gain so much articulated improvements in each steps.  As higher level as AB and AD groups students, they usually enjoy the motivations of join C group students to review and to learn more about the fundamental playing details.   Therefore, the AB/ AD groups students are welcome to participate C group fundamental review learning.
在這乐团的訓練課程中,許多高程度的学生理解到“不断地啄磨並追求更加完美的基础訓練” 是有效發展更加完美的高程度能力最好的方法。 所以他主動加入了C組課程來增加基礎和細節上的學習,並且幫助及鼓勵其他學生。 在樂團裡,學習如何幫助他人是成長進步的關鍵。
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